Agnes has a party

21 Dec

I was lucky enough to be invited to Little Agnes’ 1st bday over the weekend. Many of you may have seen her or her family members in other photos related to “Vintage Renewals” and events that I’ve posted in the past. This may have been the most elaborately planned bday party I’ve ever been to, with good reason. Maria (Agnes’ mother) hand made LOTS of these snacks and really takes party planning to a whole other level. hmm, maybe we (and you) should book her for an event. Oh the ideas this woman can bring to the table. ENDLESS!!!!

Agnes is lucky to have  parents that celebrate the bdays of their 2 children with all the effort and time that every little kid deserves. They celebrate their life, with games, family, friends, and food. Emphasis on the FOOD.

Every visit to the Vintage Renewals shop and even their home feels like I am visiting family. Open arms, good conversation, a welcoming atmosphere that truly represents their energy and way of life expecting nothing in return. I am happy and blessed to be in the presence of this family and to call them my friends.


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